My 2020 Acura TLX A-Spec Lease Deal

My BMW just reached 70k miles so I’m trying to get rid of it before it has any major mechanical problems.
So here’s the best offer I’ve gotten so far on a 2020 Acura TLX AWD A-Spec V6 in the Delaware area. I haven’t been able to find another dealership that’s able to come up with a better offer.

MSRP $45,795.00
Dealer discount: $14,319
Rebate: $1,500 (military/conquest)
Adjusted price: $29,976
Fees: $2,088
Total Price: $35,805

Trade-in: $9,000
Owed on trade: $12,741

MF: .00225
Residual: 51%
Mo Payment: $544
Drive off: $1,294

What are your guys’ thoughts?

Have you got a quote on your trade in from carvana, shift, and vroom?

What’s the year and the model of your BMW?

It’s a 2013 BMW 328xi. It was involved in an accident before I bought it and more recently had a hit and run incident. 2 dealerships offered me $6,000 for it, and one offered me $6,600. This is the only dealership offering me this much for the car.

Late on this topic, and if I am understanding things properly:

  • You are working in -$3,741 of negative equity into the lease (or +$103.92/month)
  • Taking that out of the equation, you are paying $440/month in addition to +$1,294

If that is the case- this is an awful deal, IMO. I ended up with the Base TLX last month (December) for $307/month, 12k per year, 36 months…just to give you a comparison.

I bet that $14k in dealer discount includes Acura rebates. Double check on Edmunds.

I will be honest, i haven’t seen anyone on this forum switching from a bmw to an acura, but yes its a lovely car. On other end, at those payments, why not a 3 series ? Im just curious, i do love the tlx a spec as I had the 2015 v6 tech myself. Gas mileage is sick

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If you have not had any major issues with the BMW, why not just keep making payments so that you are not too upside down?