My 2016 Spark EV Deal in Oregon

Didn’t really need a Spark EV, but for the price it ends up costing less than gas in my current ICE vehicle. Shout out to bro1999 for helping me get the additional incentives.

2016 Spark EV 1LT w/DC Fast Charge. Starting dealer price was $99/month. No tax in Oregon. Also no state incentives for EVs.

Original dealer offering:
MSRP: 26745 (1LT with fast charge)
Selling Price: 23800 (2945 off, or 11%)
Incentives: 10475 (standard lease cash)
Residual: 10698 (40% for 3yr/30K)
Acquisition fee: 595
Money Factor: 0.00040

My deal:
MSRP: 26745
Selling Price: 23800
Incentives: 11475 (lease cash + 500 private offer + 500 farm bureau)
Residual: 10431 (39% - opted for 3yr/36K)
Acquisition: 0 (fee waiver for bumping up money factor)
Money Factor: .00095 (bumped up because of acquisition fee waiver)
Monthly: $74

Acquisition fee waiver saved $4/month. 10K miles instead of 12K would have saved another $7/month.

Only thing that could have been better for me was if the $750 lease conquest offer was available instead of only the $500 private offer.


Nice. Only way you cold have saved any more money was if you had GM card earnings to use. Otherwise, you pretty much squeezed every dollar from your deal.

I think I ended up teaching them more about the car and the deal than they thought was possible.

Which dealer did you get it from, if you don’t mind sharing?

Capitol Chevy in Salem. I worked with Ben in the internet sales department. The deal is still showing on their web page, with good through 7/29/16 for in stock.

The license/title/doc fees are listed at $373 in the fine print (DMV fees are $273 for title, 4 year registration, and plates, plus $100 documentation fee). They said the $100 doc fee was a misprint but still honored it. The finance guy told me they are legally required to charge $150 for the doc fees since it’s electronic registration. Actual Oregon law says that the doc fees are both negotiable and capped. For electronic registration the cap is $150. Previous to 1/1/16 the fees may have been specified without being negotiable, but I haven’t tracked down the old statute/administrative rules. It was likely just a law change that was overlooked than an outright lie.