Mustang Mach E Ballon payment vs lease option


In the Northeast (CT) what are you thoughts on the ballon payment instead of lease of Mach E? I suppose it’s the same concept? From the articles I read Ford is saying you get to keep the $7,500 tax credit that way. I’m just a bit jittery about buying a first year model as appose to leasing then buying if all is well 36 months down the line…

The big “selling” point behind the balloon payments is you getting the tax credit (assuming they’re not offering it on a lease). Is the balloon payment option structured with a pre-arranged repurchase amount? There are some not-quite-a-lease-but-might-as-well-be-a-lease balloon payments like that. It’d address your repurchase concerns.

From what I read it is a prearranged purchase amount although the article was updated to say they are leasing now, going to guess it will not be as attractive? I’ll find out once I test ride. Just worried about any unknowns with a new car model and risk involved with being on the hook for the last payment. If it was a F150 yeah no problem we know what a used 3yo sells for.

I suppose my question is has anyone had any bad experiences with a ballon payment in the past?

It’s all about how it’s worded.
Ask homeowners about their Balloon mortgages, some are good and some are ‘Oh Heck! I’m getting swindled!’ kind of posts.

Read the document.

That’s fair point will do tks!

I did review it and it’s basically a lease written as a loan.

HOWEVER, Tax implications are now in play, it’s not a lease it’s a loan so am I responsible for the whole tax amount?

I couldn’t find the fine print on the balloon payment / return for credit yet, but I’ll update when I see it.

I would assume so. You see a lot more of these in places like texas where you’re stuck with the whole tax burden regardless.

Ugh goes deeper as well.
This is marked on your credit history as the full price of the car, not the lease amount. So it lowers your score as you have a lot of debt.

If a single car purchase kills your credit that much, should you be taking that much burden on?



Cough, been in the car business long? haha, I know that a ton of the deals die in Finance, when they pull credit. :slight_smile:
But now imagine the guy who could lease 4 cars before and now only 1. No more flipping BMWs.

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I feel dirty with the things I’ve squeezed past BMWFS and Chase…


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That’s just their credit letting them know they shouldn’t take that much burden on.

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Watch Rabbits Used Cars where he talks about how Ford was doing 120% finance in 07, and he sold a bunch of cars and got the heck out of there before the crash.

Yes but 10k Leases vs 40k MachE. That’s 4 leases worth

Sounds as gross as Coke Coffee.


It looks like Ford has $2500 in incentives where you are vs the $7500 tax credit CAB East would get. For a possible $5000 upside, I would still lease. Early production, first year, new model, and a Ford: lots of service campaigns in your future. I would still get one, but for the pleasure of being first the lease is as terrible as the coffee in their service department.

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I just also Realized that Ford does not allow 3rd party buyout of their leases but since the Mach E is a loan you can sell it without too much hassle.

Definitely some interesting threads will appear in a couple of years when people try to sell it. (Note cannot use swap a lease, it isn’t a lease) Wonder how Ford will handle ‘transfers’

I imagine like any other sale of a financed vehicle.


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