Murano or Pathfinder

A friend of mine is looking for either car - anyone have any ideas which will lease better? She is a single mom, I told her I would help her as much as I could with researching the best lease deals. Thanks in advance!

Murano doesn’t lease well at all. Not sure about Pathfinder. I’d look at Rogue if she’s set on a Nissan (not sure why anyone would be). Equinox is my favorite in the class, but a lot of people like RAV4 (seats are awful and no power on XLE so no bueno for me)

Pathfinder is much larger than the other vehicles you mention and is the only one with a 3rd row. I leased a platinum pathfinder a 2 years ago for approx 400 / month. I got lucky on the deal and discovered this site afterwards. Can lease a QX60 for the same if not less. Not particularly fond of the pathfinder but serves well shuttling around our family.

Rogue can come with 3rd row. Admittedly, it’s not very practical for anything but kids.