Murano Lease Help

I drive 24k a year for work and factor in another 10-12k per year personal use. My 2011 maxima, that I bought new, has 209k on it. So the value is a share size bag of M&M peanuts and a can of Pepsi. I do not want to buy again. I get a $650 stipen from work and am willing to pay the overage on mileage. I just priced a 2018 SL Murano @20k per year, .10 per mile over. Numbers are below. This is with zero down. Please share feedback.

$41,240 MSRP
($ 1,887) Dealer Discount
($ 4,250) factory rebate
$35,103 sell price
$ 2,630.98 tax
$ 359.95 doc fees
$ 499.00 registration
$ 157.41 other fee
$ 7.50 waste management fee
$ 38,757.84 total

36 months @ $ 600.12
Total paid EOL $21,604.32
They also offered me $2k for my Maxima which would have taken it to $542.14

You drive 36k miles per year and you want to lease? Good lord, why? What could possibly the advantage in leasing a car at that mileage.

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You’ll be out of B2B warranty after year 1 unless you buy a service contract. CVT repairs are expensive.

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Get a VW, 6yr/72k warranty

What he said above. Just not worth not being under warranty on a car you don’t own

Why do I want to spend almost 40k on a vehicle that will be worth $2k after 6 years? Since my company give me the stipen, I am only out the mileage overage.

I’ll take the 2k they give me and roll it to the extended warranty. FYI, my CVT has 130k without issue. It blew when I jammed it in reverse at 30k miles in a fit of rage, lol.

Get a Terrain for half that and pound on the miles if you must lease. The murano’s base lease is too much because they don’t lease well, especially not SL and higher.

PS: 4.5% dealer discount before rebaters on a 2018 is laughable


Actually, at a payment of $542, that leaves you more than $100/mo, which will cover your excess miles, so you won’t be out anything.

You should look into 24-mo leases, however, to lessen your out of warranty exposure.

Personally, I’d find something that leases better to begin with, though.

Ford will go 2 years and 40k. The Taurus AWD is all that I have interest in. Do you know if GMC will go a 2 year lease?

On this dealer discount, how deep would you expect?

Whatever I get has to get 25MPG hwy and I want AWD. I was considering the Q50.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Have you considered a Jeep Grand Cherokee? I just got one after 2 leases in a Nissan. I briefly considered a Murano bc I wanted an SUV with a V6, but it leases horribly.

The Jeep GC would run you about half that payment assuming you get a Laredo. If you wanted a Limited or an Altitude, it’d hover closer to high $300s to $400/month, still way cheaper than the Murano.

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This, even a limited would run you under $400 a month and it’s way more car for the money. There are a TON of better vehicles for that payment out there. 600 a month for a murano is insane.

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I’ check out the Grand Cherokee. Appreciate the heads up.

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What state are you in? I just leased one a couple weeks ago and dealt with a superb dealer.

New Jersey, betweeen Philly and Trenton

Wow me too! (Well my pic sorta gives away what state I’m from) And I drove to MD for a fantastic deal. PM me for details if you’re interested.

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Just sent a message to you

I’m also in NJ. Here is what Honcker shows for a GC Limited for 24/18k. They don’t have a higher mileage option so you’d have to ask a dealer. Still going to be cheaper than the Murano though. No idea what fuel use is but we get 25 highway with the same engine but only 6 gears in the wife’s minivan.

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Thanks for the info. Will be checking them out next.

Finance a car with the $600 stipend and sell after 2, 3, 4 years whatever. Something with high resell value so the mileage won’t be as big of a deal. Then roll the remaining equity into your next car and rinse and repeat as long as you’re driving 36k a year. Your monthly lease plus overage is going to be more than financing.