Multiple Security Deposits (MSD) in New York?

Nice. Wow, 599 is high. Did you get your car earlier, like before the last body style year?

Thank you for the recommendations.

Believe it or not, I’m not really a forums guy. I find them so confusing most of the times. Actually, this is the only forum that I am on.

Just header over to the bimmerfest forum and it’s a whole slew of information. Gonna take a while to navigate haha

Ya ive had mine since Nov 14. Residuals were “high” then, so i thought lol. 39/10 63% 70k msrp 63k sell price.

im on that forum (same name) what do you need help with? just copy and past what you feel is a good deal from the link provided and send that to your salesman or send an email blast to each dealer your willing to do business with.

Thanks for your help @Yinzer. At least when your lease ends, you can jump into the new body 5 series if that’s what you want, for less since it’s gonna be year 2 of the new body style.

I want to know where I would post where dealers can see. I see a separate “ask the dealers” sections but I only see recall discussions. Maybe I’m not looking at it correctly.

Do you think it’s possible to get on for 36/12,000 for <$330? $0 down of course.

Post in the ask a dealer section. Yeah we might get the new 5 (G30) but it will the same as the current 7. Not really excited about it. Youd have to look at a demo 528 with max msd and 10k miles to get close to that. You can always reach out to a Cali forum sponsor and have the car shipped.

I feel like all these car companies are making the same exact car in small, medium, or large at this point.

I miss the days when a 3 series, 5 series, and 7 series looked distinct.

Hmm, I would really like the 12k mileage and not to get a “used” car. I can up my budget to like $350 if that will help?

Is California the best place to lease a car from?

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Cali is cheapest but it will more than likely be RWD and not have the cold weather package.

I think you budget is doable, assuming 18-20% discount and max msd. Reach out to Greg Poland about his inventory in the link provided.

Wow thank you for all your help. I really do appreciate it! Just one last question, do you know how much it is to ship to Westchester County, NY on average?

My pleasure. Ive seen anywhere from 500-1k. Greg is a forum sponsor, so youll get the best deals with him. He may also be able to suggest a transport company.

I use that caluclator to calculate leases. 36/10 is 67% MF .00137 without msd.

Thank you again! Really a big help!

He is sometimes hard to get a hold of so do phone and email. Let us know how it goes.

I sent him an e-mail. I’ll let you know what he offers!

Freehold’s prices are a good starting point. From my experience you can get other dealers to go slightly lower with some effort.

If you don’t want to hassle, freehold is a easy acceptable deal.

I think I’m spoiled by some of the deals I’m seeing in the low 3’s that Freehold’s doesn’t look amazing. Granted some are demos, but some people are getting some amazing new deals…unless they are fake lol

I live in NY and made a lease deal in an adjacent state. They let me plop down 9 MSD and I drove off with the vehicle. 2 weeks later, the dealer contacts me, says they can’t do more than one MSD and should not have agreed to 9. She wants to redo the paperwork and tries to convince me that I should eat another ~$1500 and the payments would be similar Oh, and my trade in was already sold. I didn’t think this was a good idea. She called back and wanted to split the difference. I indicated that they can have the car back. She called back and decided that the dealer would eat the difference rather than getting the new, but lightly used car. What a mess.

This happened to me nearly 2 years ago. With Infiniti. I live in NY, but got truck in NJ. I told dealer we had a valid lease, but he said Infiniti financial wouldn’t accept the lease. Like you said, it was a mess. I asked two lawyers what my options were. I had a legitimate case to go forward and fight them, but I had two problems. One was time - they couldn’t get me the title and wouldn’t get me permanent license plates until the lease was processed by Infiniti. The second was that the deal was the best I was able to get, so if I walked away cause of this, I’d have been at square one, likely looking at an inferior deal. I offered/threatened to return the car, though again, it would have left me in a huge bind. After days of this, and with the plates about to expire, I agreed to take the MSD back and they split the difference with me between what it was w/ max MSD and with 0 MSD.

I subsequently learned that BMW and Mercedes generally have no issues, but I asked around and Infiniti was known for not accepting MSD from NY residents. This dealer was small, and in western NJ, so they probably weren’t getting a ton of people crossing the state line looking for MSD.

Wow. I don’t know what else to say than that sucks! I got my car from a Mercedes Benz dealership in Connecticut which was being registered in NY (where I live). They agreed to the terms but during processing, they told me that Mercedes doesn’t accept MSDs because the car would be registered in NY. I argued that it didn’t matter as long as the dealership at point of sale was not in NY. The finance manager and I called Mercedes Benz Financial Service together in the office and I spoke to the representative there and he too told us that Mercedes didn’t accepts MSDs from NY owners. I told him that is not the case and that it didn’t matter as long as the point of sale dealership wasn’t in NY. He went to go check with his manager and he said that I was right.

It took a while and some fighting but I was told I was right all along. The finance manager commended me on knowing my stuff, and said that this was valid and if there were any issues, the call was recorded so that the fault would not be mine or the dealerships and that Mercedes Benz financial would absorb the cost of the mistake. At the end of the day, I was able to put down 10 MSDs and able to save a lot of money!

My advice - FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! At the end of the day, they are just people who may be misinformed!


A long long time ago, I bought a CPO car a few months over 4 yrs old and at the time the CPO brochure available on their website clearly said that, if the car was 4+ yrs old, the warranty would be 2 yrs from the date of this sale rather than the 6th anniversary of the car’s original sale (“in-service”) date which is the most common CPO expiry methodology (or 100K whichever came first, but that did not matter as the car only had 45k).

Long story short I bypassed discussing this w/ the dealership, called the national HQ and after a little back & forth got them to agree and change the VIN’s CPO expiry to the 2nd anniversary of my purchase date. Trust me, I was glad to have those few extra months of warranty coverage.


Good for you! We have to stand up for what we need. Sometimes, all it takes is a few phone calls to benefit us a whole lot :slight_smile: !

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