Multiple Dealers MATH not correct... HELP

So i am negotiating two separte car deals and the dealer has given me the residual and MF both times and when i input the numbers their math is WAY off…

What could cause this? And i try to expain to them MATH IS MATH but they still argue with me… and we are taking over 50 to 100 differences here…

Do you have numbers to share from one of the dealers?

BMW 428i Xdrive
MSRP $55495
Price $44496

MF; .00049
Res: 58%

36 month $547
30 month $576
24 month $620

My calc are much lower tho…

im coming up with about 440 After 9% tax

Also on the second deal was for a 2016 canyon and i spoke to the manager… The issue was i was quoted a 2.4% MF but the manager said it was almost 6%! Seems quite high for a gmc…

BMW top tier MF is .00134 (before MSD) AFAIK

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I have been dreaming about MF that low.