Multi Car Discount (Volvo)?

So I’m eyeing the XC90 and my Father in law is interested in a sub $400/month S90 if that can still be done. Any incentive for a sales person to move two heavily discounted cars? In other words, should we try to work a package deal? In SoCal and they’d be pulling forward my V60 by about six months as well. Thx.

Call it whatever you want, but aggressively negotiate each car.

Thanks, @Ursus . I’m actually starting to consider an S90 T8 while my father in law will likely go super base model. You seem incredibly well informed. My only data point for price right now is that TrueCar is showing prices of of 20-22% off MSRP. I’m assuming that includes all the incentives being thrown at the car right now. MF seems great from what I can see, and residual wouldn’t be bad w/ that kind of discount off MSRP. Any words of wisdom for a noobie. Thx so much.

All information is on Edmunds and here. To a lesser degree - on Truecar, etc. I was wondering about large Truecar discounts also. My guess is that they include $3k “a-plan”, but technically it should be even bigger discount after including lease cash.