MSRP Discount - Michigan 540i xDrive

I am a returning BMW customer in SE Michigan and am considering a 540i xDrive with an MSRP of 71000. I’ve built the car on the BMW USA website and would like it to be built as specified.

Right now I’m anticipating a 3% or so discount but from what I read on this site it looks like people are realizing 8% to 10% dealership discounts.

My question is: What sort of discount can I expect from the dealer in addition to any BMW credit or rewards?

I would imagine the discount depends on market conditions as well as the exchange rate (?).

Any insight you can provide will be much appreciated. This is my first post so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I’ve made.

Think you answered your own question. But it depends on how far you’re willing to travel to get the larger discount that other people got.

In normal times exchange rates and the economy have very little to do with it.

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Thanks max_g. I think I would re-word my question to:
Is it reasonable to expect the 8%-10% discounts others are reporting?

And you’re saying, they’re possible but I have some more work to do in terms of getting quotes from other dealerships. I have some short road trips in my near future.
Sound about right?

Negotiate Remotely. Don’t visit the dealer to get quotes or negotiate

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8-10% is probably on the lower side of what’s doable. General rule of thumb for BMWs is to target 10-12%. Now, not every dealer will do that for you, and more niche vehicles(not that the 540 falls into this category) make that more difficult.

And no, you don’t have a bunch of short road trips in your future. You have one road trip in the future and it should only occur after you already have a deal agreed on to go sign paperwork.