MSRP discount for 2020 X5


Hi I’m working on a 2020 X5 lease. I’m seeing various posts on the MSRP discount before rebates etc. Is 11% a good discount? Thanks!!

I think we are all very tired of this question, and there are literally hundreds of threads to benchmark off of in addition to marketplace offers.

If you live in Hawaii and there’s 1 BMW dealer it’s probably amazing.

If you live in SoCal it probably sucks.

If it is bright green it’s probably not nearly enough.

If the dealer you’re working with refuses to budge, I guess that’s the best you’re going to get at that dealer.

There’s legit no black/white answer to this question. You need to figure it out for yourself by researching, negotiating and shopping around. If you don’t want to do that, hire a broker and be done with it.

Before/after incentives? What’s the MF? Any cap adds? You can’t just look at “discount” in a vacuum and ignore everything else.

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Thanks so much.