MSDs on paperwork as cap cost reduction? Please help!

Hi there - I felt very good about the deal I just got on an Infiniti QX60. The deal was as follows:

$56,095 MSRP
$47,590 Sales price
$1,430 drive off (excluding MSDs)
39 months/10,000 miles
9 MSDs ($4,500)
$399/month after tax lease

When we were signing paperwork I noticed that the MSDs were not specifically called out. Instead there was a $4,624 reduction in capitalized cost. I pointed this out and they said it will be entered on the back end and gave me a “We Owe” document specifying the $4,500 MSDs. I confirmed this several times. Is this normal or is the dealer trying to pull a fast one on me and I will never see this money again? Please help!

I can’t speak for Infiniti but Mercedes and BMW both specifically call out the MSDs on the contract. It’s simple ask them to remove the MSDs and see if the payment jumps over $100. If it does then it’s not an MSD it’s down payment. Enough said.

Is this for a 2016 or 2017 and what region is the dealer?

Assuming the $700 acq fee was part of your $1430 drive-off I’m not seeing how you can be at $359 including tax if they used your $4500 as MSD’s. Doing it this way would have your payment ~$365 before tax was even included. Using your same numbers but using the $4624 as a down payment would put you around ~$315 per month not inclusive of tax.

Thank you everyone for your help. The dealer did in fact make an error, but they made it good (FYI - MSDs should never be included as cap cost reduction).

Nice work! Care to share what state or dealership?

This was at the Bev Hills Infiniti. Call Sal and tell him Mike Silver sent you: 845-775-7123

Keep in mind my deal was with VPP.

Thanks. I have a VPP too so I’ll see what I can do.

Awesome. Hopefully he can get you close!

Good luck!