MSD where entered in calculator

MSD programs built-in
I read about MSD reducing the MF.
The calculator reads "MSD programs built-in"
This is not clear to me, I see where one deal included a $3500 for MSD.
I don’t understand how I would enter the higher or multiple security deposits using
the sites lease calculator.
Thanks to all out there for your feedback.


You just select the quantity of MSD’s from the drop down on the calculator. You will see the drive off total adjust automatically according to the number you select and the “Money Factor after MSD” rate and APR will also change automatically. Very useful calculator.

I’m not an expert, but most dealers don’t advertise MSD’s they advertise down payments that are capital reductions. The goal is to never use down payments as you lose them if the car is involved in an accident, etc. It is a way to artificially lower the payment per month, it is smarter to keep that money in the bank and make a higher payment per month.

I don’t see a MSD field on the calculator on the lease hacker site. I see the MF which is a factor in the MSD.
I also understand now that you explained it the MSD is a listed as a multiple ( say 3x the monthly payment .
I there another calculator that has an MSD filed. Some one stated security is different from down payment and
I understand that. Same person stated in case of accident the security deposit is not lost vs a down payment which is lost.

Thanks again


Maybe a picture will help.

In the example you will see the original MF of .00142 automatically reduce to .00110 by selecting 4 MSD’s.

Thanks again, right after posting I saw the MSD field in the the Toyota Highlander lease listed.
And I see it is linked to the MF.
I’m just challenged right now the get the MSD to appear.
I will be an expert on this once I figure it out (ha ha).
Just signed a deal for an equinox. Costco, conquest, advertised special List around 28K and GM card money $1750
for 114+ tax and 1148 out of pocket. Then I guess I can subtract the $700/24 (costco cash) from the monthly payment. They told me the Farm Bureau ($500) would not stack.
Thank to all

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MSD factor field does not appear for Chevy.
Just figured it out, MSD only for certain cars, like Mercedes and Toyota.
Not for Chevy.