MSD questions from a newbie


Hi, I saw on other posts that increasing the MSDs can reduce the MF on a lease. Did I understand it correctly?
The MSD are security deposits that refunded at the end of the lease. How does that affect the interest rate?

Please read the 200 other posts about this

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each security deposit lowers the MF by a certain amount. The more you put, the less the MF (there’s a limit). But also…what @Bostoncarconcierge said :rofl:


You invest money in a CD at your local bank and they pay you interest over the next 36 months and then you take your money out. You made money right ?

Now reverse this… You invested money with the captive bank and they instead of paying you back interest, credited you back on each monthly payment that you are paying to them.

Simple enough?

read leasing 101 and search the site, plenty of info