MSD for Audi in Boston area


I went to an Audi dealer in Boston and was told that in MA Audi dealers do not support MSD.
Is this true? In what areas Audi support MSD?


Generally when a dealer says that, what they’re really saying is “we don’t want to deal with MSDs and we don’t want you to take your business to the next dealer over, so we will tell you that they don’t take MSDs either”.


That’s interesting. When I leased my A4 back in 2018, the MF was so low that the Audi dealership/sales guy stated it was not “worth it” putting down MSDs.

What is the MF for the model you are looking at?

The MF is 0.0015.

Have you confirmed this info on Edmunds?

Which dealership was it, just curious? Audi Burlington (I got my car there - very pleasant experience), Audi Peabody, Audi Natick, Audi Shrewsbury?

It doesn’t matter whether you put down 10 MSD when the buyrate is .00200 or put down 2 when it’s .00012, the ROI is the same

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Oh so it was .00001?

Most sales people don’t understand how to calculate a lease, and there isn’t a “MF” box in a 4-square. To them, you’re shopping payment.


It’s the one place where putting any money down makes sense in a lease.

Sorry for the super late response, it was Audi Natick.