MSD & Dealer Fee


I wanted to see if you guys know which states allow for MSD and dealers charge a reasonable dealer fee. I’m from NYC where MSD is not allowed but dealer fee is only $75. I usually turn to NJ but every BMW dealer there charges $600 fee so I really save only a few dollars by doing max MSD. My lease is up now and I’m looking to do MSD but need a dealer with minimal application fee. Thanks.

CA does allow MSD and dealer fee is $85. Road trip!!!

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This is a great point you’re raising. On a car like Audi, where max MSDs will save you about $35/month, most of that get wiped away by $500+ Doc fees in NJ & CT, so while you still may save $15-$20 per month, the ROI is significantly lower. It may even come out as cheap or cheaper in NY if you get a better discount on the car you want.

Other brands like Toyota/Lexus or Infiniti, where the MSD savings are significantly higher, it can make more of a difference, but it’s a moot point since NYers can’t MSD with those brands.

Your best bet is PA, where doc is capped at $144, and MSDs are allowed.


plane ticket to CA would eat up the savings lol

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Thanks, PA suggestion is very helpful! I’m at a point where dealers in NYC, 20-30min away from me are offering me the same car for $5-$7 more then NJ guys with MSD. Between gas, tolls and time spent driving to NJ, that $5-$7 turns into $2-$3.

So we are talking about $36 over 3 years?

Reached to PA dealers, they have some very weak discounts. NY/NJ I’m getting 11%, these guys barely get into 6%.

Any other states I should look at?