MSD Calculator is Off For Infiniti


Just noticed that the MSD calculator is off for Infiniti (not sure about other makes). The Infiniti one should take the pre-msd payment, not the post-msd payment, and bump it up to the nearest $50 for the msd amount. Thanks for looking into this.


I was going to make this comment as well. Finance lady and I had to figure out why the numbers were off when we were closing.


Same here, I tried over the weekend and it was off


Thank you for letting us know! Will fix it ASAP.


The INFINITI MSD program has been updated on the calculator. Thank you!


Just a couple of other things on the calculator.

  • it’s worth adding back msd for bmw. Each is worth 00005 reduction
  • is there a way to do the structure as first month due at signing, in addition to sign and drive, etc?
  • for states that tax the sale price, is there a way to roll that tax into the payment rather than doing it at signing?


I second this…


Thank you for your suggestion. We have updated the calculator with BMW’s renewed MSD programs.

As to the other two suggestions – we will see how to best integrate the features. We generally don’t want to make the calculator too complicated just for the sake of being all-inclusive, but will definitely give it a thought. You might have to do it manually for now by rolling the fees into the cap cost and putting $0 in the respective fields.


Did BMW’s MSD program come back for non-grandfathered customers?