Moving to TX (Austin) from NYC. Need to make sure cars are ready but want to plan now

I’m moving to Texas in September but am terrified of the demand vs. supply that I’ll end up getting a car I don’t want because it’s “Available” Should I be trying to start working on leases now? Nobody is really giving me the time of day and the rates I’m being offered are CRAZY

Can’t hurt. What are you after?

I would start with swapalease and see if you can find something for a year or so.

I tried contacting you guys directly today. Looking for a wrangler and a family SUV (RAV4, Palisade, CRV, etc.)

Would love to set up a call if we can?

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I see your inquiry!

Will reach out.

Does it cost money to browse on Swapalease? I can’t get beyond their paywall…

No cost to browse, cost occurs to contact seller.

Well worth the one time for membership. There is a best swapalease thread with some crazy deals in the past, unfortunately like everything else the market is rough in general.

Or order a Telluride at sticker

You are moving to Texas, which means you technically don’t need to repay the taxes on the car if you register it quickly.

I wonder if you can take over a lease in a lower tax state and bring it to Texas without having to pay the tax difference.

I don’t want to move with a car and am about to move to a new city (Austin) for work. There’s a chance we leave in a year or two but deals on a 3/4 year lease are much more palatable. How afraid getting out of a lease early should I be on the chance we have to move back East?

Why wouldn’t you just bring the car back with you?

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You’ll owe the lesser amount of:

A. Remaining contractual payments

B. Negative equity based on auction value

How is anyone supposed to answer this question, ie know what auction values will be in ~2 years time?

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To OP: please continue this topic in one of your existing threads. You should include both parts together (finding a lease before moving and getting out of a lease).

To answer your question, you will probably save money on a higher MSRP vehicle if you find a lease before moving to Texas. Here, leases are taxed on the full MSRP of the car (at 6.25%) unless get tax credits from the dealer, which is not typical. You can just drive or tow the car or have it shipped. I don’t think it’s much of a logistical challenge. See this thread regarding TX taxes: Moving to Texas with a leased car

We can’t give an accurate estimate. It depends on the car, the deal you get, and the very much unforeseeable future. You will always have the option of getting out of your lease at less than the full cost of the car, at least. You can sell to a third party or find someone to assume your lease on swapalease.

Possible if the OP wanted to deal with the hassle of shipping or driving the car down. Shipping is obscene here lately.

At least we have cheap doc and reg fees here!

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