Moving the needle on 2017 C300 Coupe lease

Numbers first:

  • MSRP: 49k
  • Discount: 5k (~10%)
  • MF: 0.00121
  • Residuals: 59%
  • State: California

If I roll fees into the cap cost, and include MF discount for auto payment, then the total monthly payment comes out to $596.

Best as I can tell, the MF and residuals are fair. Any advice on moving the needle on the discount? Would a 14-15% discount be realistic? Any incentives/offers in play right now?

I’m at a point where I’m not in a rush as I have another car. I also noticed that this dealer marks up the ACQ fee by $300 ($795 -> $1095). Any chance I can leverage this to a $300 discount on MSRP?

Thank you!

You can definitely ask (and/or fight) for the acquisition fee without mark-up or for an extra $300 off of selling price. This $300 is dealer’s profit.

Thanks @Ursus. I definitely want to get myself to at least 11% discount even.

Does anyone else think whether it’s possible to move things into 12-13% territory? It’s the end of the month and end of the quarter now and I’m ready to sign tomorrow if an offer comes up.

Hey I’m in the market for a MB too. Maybe if we lease together we will get even better pricing. Which dealership are you at?

The discount of 10% off MSRP looks good for an all-new model, which is never cheap to lease.

If you can wait six months or so, I expect prices to go down. But even as is, it’s not bad. MBFS has a MSD program which will lower the MF to .00041 when combined with auto-pay.