Moving lease car to Texas

Hey all,

So we are (hopefully) leasing a car and shipping it to NJ, and registering it there, where my wife currently resides. But will be moving the car down to Texas in the New Year to where I currently live, in Texas.

How does it work in regards to tax on lease?

I assume if the registration is in her name, then it’s all good in regards to not dealing with the whole TX tax thing. What happens if I am on the registration as well as I currently a resident of Texas? Do we have to pay the tax on the whole car value upfront?


Says 6.25% payment tax.

Thanks, but that isn’t for new residents. I suppose the question is if one of the residents is new and brings the vehicle, but the other “co-applicant” is a resident, is it still the 6.25%.

How would you move the car to TX? Are you transferring it to your name or is your wife moving to Texas?

That would be my expectation, particularly if we are talking a husband/wife Co applicant with one having residency on TX and the other relocating there shortly after. They’re going to see red flags all over that.

Yeah, exactly what I thought. Will try keep it in her name, as it will be her car anyway. Thanks!

Wife currently lives in NJ but moving to TX.

I suggest, you email DMV in the county. It looks like it is sufficiently confusing - or you can leave it all to yoir lessor, since you will be moving the lease, and they will likely know what to do.

There will be a complicated mixture of tax regimes, where NJ taxes all lease portion upfront, but TX taxes whole sales price, and I do not know how it will work out.

You also seems to be entitled to NJ sales tax refund.