Mortgage Hackr?

At least those trailers are brand new.

You’re obviously unaware of the trailer park slumlords, preying on low income and/or retirement checks. Look into Florida a bit.

Relatively few poor people are landlords.


I keep checking the rates, and for the area that Webster Bank is servicing, they are looking lower than many I’ve seen at other banks. And rates posted on their site seems to be without points to lower the advertised rate.
Just in case anyone still looking and trying to get a mortgage in this day and age:)

Webster bank is the bank that merged with Sterling national right?

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Don’t know that part

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7% mortgage rates soon?

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i live in florida up the road a few miles from a trailer park with a slumlord. no need to try and check me on my sources.

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absolutely. they’re going to do another rate hike before the end of the year, probably .75 again.

Mmmk. I guess I’m not certain where the shock comes from, then.

because its a brand new trailer park development not some rundown shitbox where all the methheads in town live. here at least, having a “HOA” means a group of homeowners purportedly pooling the costs of maintaining the community, not being shaken down by a slumlord owner. could just be we’re talking about different things at this point.

The point was that if you want more affordable options, you can always move to another market that’s more suited to your budget. No one’s entitled to the home of their dreams, exactly where they want to live, for $375 a month with nothing down.

For example, toward the other end of the spectrum, elsewhere in the same metro area as the $52k home I posted above, I think this was a lot of house for < $1,000,000… even with some needed cosmetic changes.

4,800 SF on 3.4 acres, its own dock at the edge of a private pond, indoor parking for 11 cars (the photo that shows this best is unfortunately no longer in the listing), etc.


To compare the HOA for the $1m home is $250/mn vs the $52k trailer at $450/mn. Interesting…

according to leasehackr its for the slumlord to come by and beat you up every month.

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I don’t take things I watched on TV on its face value but the claims and analyses from this piece about mobile homes are valid after I did some research. It seems mostly mobile home is a predatory tool big corps use on the poors.


yes try convincing our freedom loving libertarian gang here that’s the case. they think its just a bunch of lazy bums with low iq’s that don’t want to work.

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To me, the saddest part here is that those who got screwed in this whole mobile home scam are those who work hard and got some savings, and it’s all taken away because they live in the ‘land of the free’.

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Without derailing too much, you can have a low iq and do doordash and uber eats. There is jobs for everyone.

I keep waiting for affordable housing in Bel Air, I refuse to pay more then 2 million for a mansion :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Hey guys, quick question. We closed on the house back in the end of July. Our amortization schedule shows our first payment is due 10/1. I logged into my account today just to see if we get our first statement, and I noticed our first payment was due 9/1, and we’ve been charged a late fee. Anyone experienced this before?

I don’t think this will hit my credit unless I don’t pay it within 30 days past the date (so 10/1) right? I’m going to call SoFi tomorrow and try to get this fixed as I’m annoyed with the late fee charged.

Is there?..