Monthly Master List of RV and MF

I know Incentives change by ZIP, but maybe a master list can be created to show Money Factor and Residual. Possibly start with the most popular brands and trims mentioned on Leasehackr.

Or with the calculator, have trim and drivetrain as an option, then auto-populate MF and RV.


Thanks for volunteering. Post the link to your spreadsheet with all this info once you have it compiled.


PM me how much you’re going to pay me to compile this information.

There are companies in the automotive industry that do this, but they charge tens of thousands of dollars in licensing fees, and you’d violate their terms of service by making their data free to the public.


What if it was a community spreadsheet on Google Sheets. When users go to Edmunds to get their numbers, they then can add them here? Does that still violate their terms?

@michael I don’t understand. It is not like we would be getting one of the reports they charge for and being made publicly available. We would be compiling data that is publicly available. How is that any different that’s what the Edmunds forums do?

Ah, gotcha. Compiling publicly available information is perfectly fine and sounds like a great idea.

There’s probably someone out there who can create software to crawl sites like Edmunds and turn those posts into tabular form.

Now getting a web crawler for Edmunds is a great idea! Any developers out there who get get the ball rolling?

My consulting fee is $400 an hour. I’d say ~40 hours of development and testing. Let me know where to send the invoice.

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I can do this for $200/hour x 40 hours. Let me know where to send the invoice.


Someone did this at one point, although it doesn’t seem like it’s active anymore.

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Also used to be a google sheet or excel table at RideWithG . Users could fill out a form wizard stating the details of their leases with MF and RV values. But it seems like a lot of work when a quick run through edmunds forums or searching recent posts here will provide the info.

Yeah, you can ask on the Edmunds forums and generally will have a reply within an hour or two.

Considering they are only good for 30 days, and in some instances, can change mid-month (rare), it IS a lot of work when it’s just as easy to ask the 2 guys over at Edmunds.

Personally, I don’t see the value in taking the time to do something like this, but if someone wants to do it, more power to them.


I know a couple of guys in India that can do it for $9 hour. They’ll be available just as soon as they wrap up their Boeing Max hotfix project.


We are signing up with market scan hopefully tomorrow. Said it has all this data for every bank and manufacturer.


Who are some of the competitors in this space offering similar data?

Not sure. Marketscan was the recommendation from @RVguy

When it comes to captive banks this probably isn’t worth the effort since Edmund’s is a website and post away. But would be nice to be able to lookup the RV and MF for Noncaptive and CU.

Marketscan, Cox (AIS for incentives and Dealertrack for RVs/MFs) and Chrome are the only players in this space but Chrome doesn’t have all the non captive data yet and I think they are a couple years behind the other 2. Marketscan has been the leader in this space for a long time but Cox has caught up. Marketscan is a web based desking tool or does payment calcs through an api. Cox and chrome are entirely an api.

These companies license access to these web tools and apis for large annual fees or per call hits to their api. The only ones that can afford it are the OEMs, lenders, and the automotive data and digital retailing companies. Most use it to quote payments on specific applications. They don’t license it to consumers directly or to sites that will expose the main components (MF, RV, inventive, acq fee, etc.).