Money factor formula

Can you guys tell me if this is this the correct formula for calculating money factor on a car lease?

The answer I get is hard to believe for my lease so I wonder if its right.

MF= monthly rent charge / (adjusted cap cost + residual value)

What numbers are you getting that don’t make sense?

I get .00064 as an answer. Either I got a smokin deal or I cant calculate…

@mllcb42 already told you the formula in your previous thread, but yet you created a new thread to ask again?

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The formula you gave me was : MF=monthly rent charge / (residual + adjusted cap cost)
You left off the term of loan MF=RENT CREDIT/(NET CAP COST+RESIDUAL)TERM

Couldnt find the other thread to ask you if that was an omission or another way of doing it.

If you have the monthly rent charge, the term isn’t in the formula.

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