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Is that a cap cost reduction you pay? Don’t do that. You’re also getting base MF, and I think they aren’t calculating the residual correctly because I don’t think it’s including the mileage (but that’s from a quick look). Only place you can negotiate is the selling price.

When I spoke to him on the phone, he said that all I would be putting down is $1,854.99 for first month, tax, title, etc. and that the $3000 cap reduction is being covered by the $3000 rebate.

Oh, ok. Anyways aim for more off the selling price. Maybe 15% off before the lease cash since it’s an 18.

I also see that they did adjust for mileage so forget what I said about that.

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FYI, you’re giving out a lot of personal information in that lease quote. You might want to edit it and re-upload the image to THIS topic.

The discount doesn’t seem too good. Q50 is a better lease at the moment

Dealer’s address (20202020)