Model 3 Mid range available for Pre-Order

Well they just released this a few hours ago.

Still expensive after options.

Still hoping the standard battery stays on schedule for the 4~6 month release.


I thought it was supposed to be $35K?

The posted prices are BS. There’s no way people will get the full Federal EV rebate on the mid-range trim.

That’s what I’m saying on a different forum right now! That $7,500 in reality is only worth 10% , 22% depending on your tax bracket! That means standard battery will still cost me roughly $40k after all incentives at a rumored 210 miles for the standard coming in 4-6 months. There are plenty of better ranges at better prices.

It’s a tax credit, not a deduction. So $7,500 off your federal tax liability.


If they can get it delivered before the end of the year, then they get the full $7,500 tax credit. Tesla claims deliveries in 2 to 10 weeks if you order today.

But agreed on the BS “after incentives & gas savings” pricing. There’s no gas savings if you’re coming from another EV.

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Didn’t Tesla hit 100k cars? I think it’s cut in half soon, and then cut in half again in like 6 months after that.

Yup- that’s what I mean- sorry my terminology is off- but generally speaking it’s not the $7,500 you’re getting so in reality they shouldn’t be advertising the car as $7,500 off the actual price of the car. It’s nowhere near that!

It’s a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. So if you owe $7,500 or more in federal taxes to the IRS annually, you’ll get the full $7,500 back! It has nothing to do with your tax bracket. :slight_smile:


I have to admit this is a masterful scam. When I put down the deposit back in Mar. 2016, I was expecting the 220mi standard-range model ($35k) + enhanced auto pilot ($5k). I hoped the true cost after federal tax credit + CA rebate would be slightly over $30k. Now after maximizing the production of long-range model, they just decided to introduce ‘mid-range model’ (260mi, which is only 40mi above standard model, seriously??). Standard-range model is still nowhere to be seen.

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At least it’s a refundable deposit. I’m a big fan of Tesla and nearly put a deposit down on the Model 3, but even 2 years ago it was clear they were never going to hit targets and they were running the gauntlet trying to ramp up production but not hit 100,000 vehicles too soon. They now have to carefully keep themselves positioned as an aspirational brand, increase sales and profits, and deal with the decreased tax incentives vs competitors. You can see why so many investors have bet against them.

Hopefully there’s an alternative timeline where Musk didn’t insist on the Model X having gullwing doors and they focused on developing a mass-market vehicle.

Oh, I thought it was a 4-6 months from now, but that’s the standard version.

Totally agree with you that Tesla wasted a lot of vehicle-specific engineering on the Model X (gullwing doors, moving second row seats, etc) that took Model X from being a platform variant of Model S to being basically a full new vehicle. They should have skipped X (or done it simpler) and then built Model 3/Y, probably as a CUV first.

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Got my fully loaded (purchased) 2018 Volt (Premier + ACC) for $7,500 off MSRP for $32.5k + tax - rebates.

That’s looking like a steal compared to the Tesla now.

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Well, it’s still a Chevy…


Yes - but I fail to see the value I get from the additional $17-22k I’d have to spend to get a similar (watered down) Model 3.

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Nice! Plus you can get’s openpilot for under $1,000 if you’re brave:

Seems to replicate AutoPilot functionality on Volts with ACC.


over 8500 stars and 2000 forks! on github! Now I want to get a supported car just to contribute to this project. I was really hoping to find an Audi or BMW on there so I would have an excuse to lease a cheap loaner for “R&D” purposes.

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Apples to oranges really. Chevy is a front heavy budget hatch with a torsion beam rear suspension. Tesla has rear wheel drive, almost a perfect weight balance, and an independent rear suspension. Not to mention 210 more miles of electric range compared to the Volt. Not saying Volt is a bad car or bad value, it is just not comparable to the Model 3 in my opinion…


Maybe it’s because I’m not in CA, but I don’t understand the hype behind this autopilot functionality. To me, since you still have to pay attention to the road, it’s nothing more than an enhanced cruise control. What’s the advantage to taking your hand off the wheel for 30 seconds, then put them back on, rinse, repeat? It seems like more of a PITA than an enhancement to me anyways. Maybe I’m missing something.