MKC Deal Closed

I have been following this forum for quite some time in anticipation of our current lease ending. I was looking to be better educated on leasing and this forum has been very useful as I’ve read on the negotiations and deals others have had.

Just closed on deal for 2017 Lincoln MKC. Let me be sure to note that this is under employee plan. Despite being able to buy under an employee plan I hadn’t considered the MKC until recently when I looked at the figures with the incentives being offered. I’m in Florida where I have come to understand from discussions here that dealers will to deal are considered a rare find.

2017 MKC Reserve - $44,460 MSRP
$413/month (includes $2,450 in rebates)
$0 Due at Signing other than rebates (actually they owe me a check for $450 as they covered final month of our current lease payment, we still have the car)
36 Month (first payment was waived, so 35 payments due)
10,500 miles

From the knowledge I’ve gained here I’ve come to understand that a lease that is <$100/month per $10,000 MSRP is a pretty good deal, coming in at $93 per $10,000 MSRP seemed to be really good. With the 1st payment waived and last payment covered on our current lease this seemed like the right deal.

I know that not everyone can get this deal but it may be good information for those who may be interested in negotiating on an MKC.

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Thanks for sharing @bob61 – enjoy your new MCX!

Lincoln’s nomenclature is so confusing I had to google the MCX but couldn’t find anything :nerd:

:+1: DOH!!! :+1: Must have had a BF. Thanks

Where are you located Bob? Deal is really nice. I’m on Long Island, NY.