Mitigation of layoff impact in Seattle and Norcal

Yep, exactly. As I said - never say never.

Fixed it for you

Married couple working for same company is risky although the allure of two goog income is vary tempting especially with the high cost of living. Also one should not have a significant amount of company stocks in their retirement accounts. Just ask those 7 figures 401k Enron employees. Your paycheck and RSUs are already tied to your employer. No need to put all eggs in one basket.


Nearly all of these tech employees have tons of equity in the companies. I agree it’s silly to put your eggs in one basket though I’m sure the insane compensation for what is essentially adult day care is attractive to many.


Yep, ur still wrong. Thx.

“So much of our worth and success has always been tied to our career and the name of our employer,”

And bragging about jobs perks on social media, while their employers are trying to cut back.


The first draft that quoted “I’ve been to the mountain top” was probably more impactful than what she delivered.

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That was indeed a terrible choice for a quote. According to Abraham Lincoln, MLK never had to lay off anyone.

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An all-time LH classic thread.

Thousands are being fired! How does this benefit my personal prospect of a slightly deeper discount on my new luxury vehicle?!?!?!


“How might I make discount lemonade from someone else’s full priced lemons?”


That’s how the world works.

There’s winners and losers. Which one will you be today?

Well… it is sort of level setting.

Many people got paid more to work at home so they paid over MSRP for wish cars they barely drove.

Now that the rush is over, inventories going up, plush buyers going down… hack time!!

But I think it’s going to be slow because it will take a while for mfrs/dealers to need to incentivize… which is why people are looking at EV credit deals.

It’s generally considered polite to at least nod to someone’s deep personal misfortune before you ask how to exploit it.


Would think of more so how it helps inflation. These tech companies paid out tons of dough for their workers to basically mess around all day, fueled by the immense liquidity provided by central banks.

It sucks they lost their jobs but these bloated tech jobs going away represents nature healing economically from the voodoo world we’ve been living in.

“Exploit” is a bit strong as the OP asked how it would impact the luxury car market and what would dealers do.

But yes, layoffs are unfortunate for those affected, but company bloat is unfortunate for the economy and everyone in general.

As was a pandemic… as was supply chain issues… as was exorbitant dealer blessings.