Mitigation of layoff impact in Seattle and Norcal

unfortunately it is. even during medical leave, mass layoffs means pat/mat leave or medical leave was not the driving decision behind the layoffs. Unless they can identify that they were laid off because of the leave, it is legal.


+1 - To add to this, if you are an employee-at-will, an employer can let you go at any time. For those in unions, they have some protections and legal remedies.


And likely receive less compensation for their efforts. It’s a trade off. Yes these techies get laid off. They get ungodly severance packages and compensation for what they do. They’ll manage.


I’m hiring here in MA for two senior software developers. Seeing a lot better candidate pool vs. a year ago but the asks for salary are still about the same.


Yep… optimistic there is more talent available (although you would think companies would cut the lesser talent) but not sure if they will adjust their compensation expectations in the short term, especially with severance packages.

It might be a year before we see people take less because The Great Resignation saw some significant salary increases for many.

Agreed. The one thing I am seeing is some candidates willing to be contractors at the same rate. That’s actually pretty promising as that could give us a chance to see if they’re any good and for them to get into a role. But sure the ones with the 6 months of severance, they’re going to take their time… and perhaps at their own peril.

Leaks of post-layoff town halls are always interesting

Most interesting in the Google one is using the number of managers to justify how much longer they would have needed to analyze to get it more right.

And while the Security guy’s response about shutting off access was full of weasel-words, there isn’t any other choice in a RIF this size where so many people have access.

Just because the cafeteria has free donut cheeseburgers, doesn’t make you family. In any company over a few hundred, you will always be an employee number on a forced-rank spreadsheet.


Back in 2022, I went through 3 rounds of interviews at Google. I did not end up getting the role. However, I now wonder if I would have been part of these recent layoffs if I had gotten the role.

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No way to know. But think of all the worthless schwag and free fountain soda you missed out on, which might have made up for the insane amount of preparation for brain teasers and coding problems (what if a traveling salesman carried multiple knapsacks full of Towers of Hanoi? Solve using either Lisp or R).

Probably hard to believe I am a long time shareholder of Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon — I’m long-run bullish on all of them, but the free-money psychosis that captured so many of us has thankfully come to an end, and the detox is beginning. Public companies have to show profits, their products have to generate more revenue than they cost to operate - when you remove ads, that isn’t a very long list. The FAANGs are by no means in Peleton’s position, but nobody is lending your loser free money when it can make them easy interest/cashflow elsewhere.

It’s truly unfortunate that it’s adversely affecting real people, but if the 90s-present have not taught us to be custodians of our own career, nothing will. The rest (outside Entrepreneurship) is finding work that is fulfilling, for a time, with a company that you aren’t ashamed to admit you work for (ideally they are benevolent and you’re proud to work there, but that can be aspirational).

I haven’t seen much on cutting contractors/vendors/partners, I’ve got one eye and ear on all the earnings reports to understand how much that is happening too. Right now, all the news is about employee layoffs.


I have never been impressed by swag. I would have been remote anyway, so no free food or snacks for me.
I worked at a Boston startup for 11.5 years that ended going public. Our office had free snacks, free lunch on Fridays along with holiday parties. That was all long before COVID. What made it all worthwhile were the people and the stock options.


Layoff numbers arent high enough to put even a slight dent into this market. The economy, inflation and home prices probably did the most damage so far.

ftfy bro. cuz government and whatnot

Kenan Thompson Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

Yeah, meme won’t work there. In the context of this discussion (and pretty much any other), there are few good reasons why any married couple should not both work for the government - muni, state or fed.

You’ve now made both sides of your own point in 2 posts (your correction says the opposite of what you said here) — which is it?

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Just leaving that open for someone to say what those reasons might be. 2x gov employment certainly flies in the face of the “no matter what” blanket statement that wasn’t backed up in the first instance.

A .gov job ain’t the job security it used to be.

Agree 100% but there are still huge upsides depending on how you size it up.

These two statements contradict each other.

I think by ‘few’ D means ‘hardly any’ so no contradiction there. I could be wrong though.

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