Minivan deals in chicago area

Odyssey or sienna or others going on right now?

Not finding much in chicago area. The dodge grand caravans are 6500 off msrp but better to buy vs lease

Look on Edmunds forums for the MF and RV of your desired term and trim, then we can help you out.

Im not a newb to this in that context. Im simply looking for what i cant find on edmunds. I already have all the mf and residuals for the different trims. What i cant tell is if there is any lease cash not advertised that people have found

Post whatever information you have. Never know how it might benefit yourself or someone else.

2016- odyssey LX - 25,000 outright purchase. Lease tried to get dealer to less than 250/mo would not budge, but good buy price. 2016 EX - 29,000.

2017 - grand caravan - don’t lease well, but base SE now 19,500, and black package 22,100 buy only. these don’t lease well.

I think I’m waiting on a 2018 odyssey.