Mini Cooper S lease/selling price

I found a demo for 31500 with an MSRP of 36860. Car has 4100 miles on it. Private Party Blue book is around 29000. What is a reasonable selling price from a dealer? I want to ask them to go to 28000. Any advice?

There is also $600 dealer contribution which offsets the MSRP. Do I take the MSRP down to 36360 or add that 600 to taxed incentives in the calculator?

MF is .00169 on the Cooper S at least.

Anyone get more than 18.5% off of a demo mini? Everywhere I go that seems to be where they stop.

If getting a demo should we still be eligible for the $500 lease credit and $500 loyalty credit. Website says does not say anything about demos being excluded but dealer wouldn’t apply.

Any explanation on the dealer contribution number? Should it be applied as tax free or taxed incentive. Does this even matter? Dealer was saying the car was too far under msrp to matter.