Mini Cooper S Convertible Demo $220 a month

$34,200 MSRP
$27950 selling price
$73% residual 7.5k on 28 months!!! (same residual as 24 months. Thanks loberant) adjusted to 70% due to 5000 miles.
0.00132 MF reduced to 0.0088 with 1750 security

Had loyalty and college but didn’t apply to demo.

Came to $220 a month w/ tax, 700 down for title/reg/first month.

My sister paid $330 1.5k down for a base Cooper two weeks ago :confused:

Thanks a ton guys.

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Terrific lease. Enjoy.

On the downside, you are driving the same car as your sister :slight_smile:
Next time lease the Charger and get a bad ass tattoo lol :slight_smile: