Mileage allowance

Can anyone chip in on the lowest yearly lease mileage allowances for each mainstream brand (aka no exotics) ?

For example, I gather the lowest Nissan allows is 12K/year and it goes up from there. I also see Buick allows 7.5K/year but not all of other GM brands do.

Any input from personal experience / brokers, etc?

Just trying to dial in on some models for my father’s next car as only he drove 6.5K miles out of his 3y/36K lease allowance.


Ummm just buy his next car? To me the answer is obvious

He rather lease, these are his golden years and he’s proud of having a new car every 2/3 years with no maintenance (tires etc).

Volvo does 7.5K/year

I had a dog named Gromit…


At that rate he won’t ever need tires due to miles. Maybe due to age but not for a long while

Think VW allows 7500. @rubbergash can maybe confirm. Volvo mentioned already. I think MB, Acura, Audi allow 7500 also.

Think Toyota starts at 12k. Don’t know if Honda is also 12k or not.

I’m not sure where you saw that, but that’s not correct. All GM brands have a minimum of 10k/yr leases through GMF. If through Ally or USBank, that may be true. I’m not sure what their minimums are.

I saw it on a TV ad, so it might have a been a dealer BS.

It’s possible they were doing a deal through Ally/US Bank. If it was GMF though, it’d be 10k.

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That makes sense.

yes VW allows 7500, you would add +4% to base residual

That’s what happened to his previous car he bought, plastics/rubers/tires became brittle and deteriorated.

Is that another way of saying it adds 1% to the 10k RV?

At the end of the day, foregoing miles doesn’t save much. It’s usually 1% to go from 10k to 7.5…so that’s $200 saved on a 20k car (~$6/month)

yes add 1% to the 10k, not a big difference. 15k to 12k is 2%, more significant…

So I guess 10K is the sweet spot… I am hoping I could get him something he’ll enjoy.

Acura does 7,500 miles. I’d rather have the extra cash, even if only $200 per $20k