Midwest Acura NSX Question

I haven’t seen any recent discussions, but I’m curious what a good deal on a 165k NSX would be… just ballpark info, I know there’s trunk money from Acura- anyone have luck with negotiating on anything in-stock?

I am in the same boat. I heard trunk money ($20K) plus about $10K dealer discount is possible only if you finance any amount with Acura.

Let me know if you get any closer on a deal! I’m waiting on some more ‘21’s to hit lots. Would love a discounted build allocation though to spec the good paint.

Good luck!

Dont keep your hopes up. Fewer and fewer cars will be in showrooms.

Yes, it’s possible to get $10k off on top of the $20k incentive. You have to finance a minimum of $5k through AFS but you can pay it off at any time. I paid my loan off while still at the dealership and the lien never showed up on my title.

I wouldn’t wait for 2021s as they may not have the $20k incentive.

And some dealers have become less willing to negotiate on the 2020s.

I was told that the $20K trunk money applies to 2021 cars all the way to March 2022! Was that not true?

Tbh, I don’t know if the 2021 has trunk money. I was more confirming that it is possible to get $10k off plus trunk money…on the cars that have trunk money.

Love the optimism.


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