Midsize/Full-size appliance lease under $200 w$0DAS

As the title states, I’m looking to lease a family commuter. Aiming for under $200 with no money down. Thinking Camry, accord, optima, Altima, sonata. Any of those leading well at the moment? Located in NorCal if that helps.

Probably the Sonata is the cheapest, I’d hurry though, the 18’s are getting thin

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Jetta might also be an option

And the Passat 20202020

If a small SUV would work,I see GMC Terrain SUV’s in SoCal going for $149/month with $0 down. You need a competitor lease to get that price.


Passat is going to be tough sub $200 with $0 DAS … maybe on some leftover 2018

Thanks for the fast response fellas. Not interested in SUV’s, would really like something with good gas mileage. I went on the Honcker app and they have Sonatas for $190 with $1700 due at signing. Doesn’t seem like a very good deal.

I had a '13 Sonata for 230/m 0 DAS; three years later handed it in to the dealer for a '15 Sonata Sport at the same payment (also 0 DAS). Last month I expected to get an '18 Sonata Sport again for the same Payment…

For the SEL (1 trim under the Sport) the dealer told me my payment would jump to $360/m!! They couldn’t even get me an Elantra Value Ed or Sport for the same payment.

There were deals to be found elsewhere, and now there’s no more Hyundai in my driveway…

The GMC Terrain quoted EPA mileage is 26 mpg city, 30 mpg highway
The Sonata quoted EPA mileage is 28 mpg city, 37 mpg highway

I did the math for you, If you drive the Sonata 12k miles per year (ie. 1k/month) you’d save around $25 a month in gasoline costs.

So if money is the issue, I wouldn’t pay anymore than $25/month for a Sonata lease than a Terrain lease.

This reminds me of the Lee Iococca quote…

“People want economy and they will pay any price to get it.” - Lee Iacocca


Okay, any details on how to get that lease at the numbers you’ve quoted? We currently have a leased Jetta.

I see that Simpson Buick/GMC (Buena Park Ca) is leasing them at that price. A number of other dealers locally are doing the same. I suggest you google something like “Terrain lease deal - your area name here” and then look for the deals where you are.

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Just sent out a request for quotes from Chevy and gmc on the equinox and terrain as they are running similar deals on both. We’ll see what kinda numbers I get.

i think the simpson ad on terrain is not 0 das tho, says tax and license are extra, they would usually say $0 out of pocket on their ad.

Another dealer (Mark Christopher - Ontario Ca) is doing the same deal($149/month - $0 down). Their ad suggests that you’ll need $1033 at signing as well as a competitor lease.

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Thanks for the heads up on this deal, looking into this one now!

Thats a good deal. Unfortunately with my info I’m looking at $243 a month with $243 down. And that my friend is not a good deal.

Emailed back and forth with 6 Chevy/GMC dealers throughout the day.

Not a single one gave me any numbers.

SMH, maybe I’ll fly down to SoCal and pick up an Impreza from rubbergash…

@moosetaco let us know what you get/ are able to find. I’m in OC and am looking for the same less than $200 with $0 Due at Signing!

Hey Jeff, if your in SoCal I’d hit up rubbergash on one of these deals. I’m sure he might sweeten some of the deals for Labor Day weekend.