Miami, Tampa FL Toyota Dealer

Rocky Santa Cruz - General Sales Manager
Tom Jones- Internet Manager

Stadium Toyota

Region(s) serviced - Lower 48 States
Vehicle brands sold- TOYOTA
Fee amount or fee range (if applicable) NO FEE
Number of months/years in business - Rocky 15 years
Tom 10 years

Will do out of state


813-350-8271 desk line cell 352-428-1464 call/text

We are here to help and assist in any way that we can. Let us know what we can do to help, with no pressure or sales gimmicks.

Looking for a Camry for lease, first time leaser

Hi Good morning,

Did you see the lease figure break down that we have posted? Was there going to be any options or equipment that you were looking for?

I want to Thank Rocky and Tom from Stadium Toyota. Today I signed a new lease on a 2021 Tacoma. The Tacoma was one of the Deals that the Dealership Lists on Leasehackr. It was the smoothest and easiest Dealer Transaction I have had in my life. Price was as advertised. I went to the dealership to close the deal as I have been to busy to deal with it via emails. They worked as quick as they could and I was out in about 2 hours. It would have been quicker but the dealership was extremely busy. What great people. Don’t hesitate to put your trust and confidence in Rocky and Stadium Toyota. They do what they say…

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Took delivery this past weekend from Tom for a Toyota Tacoma SR. I normally lease cars but this was a purchase I was helping my dad with. Tom was very straight forward with the price, since the first email he sent with the offer. No real negotiation was needed as I was confident that the price was right. Anyways he also sacrificed a little and give me more for my trade as he only had one person that could deliver in time. So honestly it was a very pleasant experience. If you want to make a deal happen in 2 days you can with these guys at Rocky Stadium Toyota.

Ps: I’m not being paid to post this. It is entirely up to me to write this on their page.


Hello Leasehackr community, Hope all is well. Just got my 2021 forerunner off-road TRD premium from Tom Jones at Stadium Toyota. I’ve never had a simpler and faster experience at any dealership before. Tom made the whole experience and transaction very straightforward and painless. If this were pre or post Covid Tom would’ve got a huge bearhug because no dealer could match his prices and no dealer I’ve ever worked with has made the experience this easy.
We texted during the entire process and all my questions were always answered. I took a look at the Stadium Toyota website and asked Tom details about multiple vehicles and he was always ready to answer.
So, if you’re in the market for a vehicle contact Tom and he’ll make the transaction super easy.


Flew in from NC and picked up my Tacoma from Tom Jones last week. Process was quick and easy and I was in and out the dealership within an hour. He even picked me up from the airport! If you’re from NC. Just contact Tom. Not a single NC dealer will be able to offer what Tom can offer.

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