MF, RV for 2 cars - CA

Hi there, wanted to ask for input regarding the MF, residual value, lease credits (if any) of 2 Honda cars in CA. Zip - 91741

  1. Honda Insight (2019)
  2. Honda Accord 2.0T (2018/2019)
    BOTH for 36mo/15K

Google : edmunds Residual value (insert car name here)

Google : edmunds Lease incentives (insert car name here)

Edit : no lease support for 2018 accord to my knowledge

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Edmunds would be the only place?
Wanted to see if someone within the forum got the numbers from somewhere else if there is any more options. But thank you though, I appreciate it.

The only other option would be if there are any Honda dealerships on this forum that are willing to share that info. Edmunds is the best place to get it.

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If the concern is Edmunds isn’t accurate, fear not. They get the info straight from the captive and are the gold standard.


Incentives vary month to month and by region so no one would just know.

I’ve seen posts where people have asked pretty much the exact info for different cars and zip codes, and people have commented with the numbers.
I just wanted to give it a try and see if someone knew the ones I am looking for in particular.

You didn’t mention mileage either RV depends on how many miles a year.

You should post on edmunds regarding the car/ model and mileage and terms

Both for 36mo/15K

Insight - .00240 and 53%
Accord Sport 2019 - .00118 and 55%; $300 incentive

No lease programs for 2018 Accord

Those are the numbers someone commented on another post.
Anyone thinks these are correct?

If that’s what’s on edmunds it is 99.9% correct
You could always confirm RV by calling a dealer

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On another post here or on Edmunds? I’m not quite understanding why you’re so hesitant to post on Edmunds. They really are your best bet for the most accurate information for your specific lease terms and location.

If I was looking for the exact same info, with same variables, then yes, I would be able to reply to you with the information you are seeking. But since there are variables that constantly change, people are directing you to a more direct source.