MF/Residual for 2017 Chevy Volt


I’m considering leasing a new 2017 Volt - not sure if I want just an LT or a Premiere - but I’ve seen some crazy…crazy lease deals out there…like sub $100! Now - I know those are with pretty hefty down payments (which I know isn’t advisable) - but just wanted to know if folks know the current MF on leases or Residual values for them. I’ve seen some older numbers, just don’t know if they’ve shifted over the last month or two!

I’m looking to get a 3 year (hopefully NOT a 39 month!)/15k mileage lease and I’m in Maryland.

I’d love a 0 drive off as well, but we’ll see if that can work. Any info is greatly appreciated!

Leased on last week.

For 15k/yr, residual is 48%, 12k/yr is 50%, 10k/yr is 51%. MF depends on your credit. Top tier is 0.0004.

Ah - yeah, forgot to mention my credit score. Pretty close to perfect, so I should get around that rate. Those look like LT numbers, am I right? I thought the premiere was a little different on residuals.


Yup, that’s LT.

FWIW, I’m in the Bay Area and our lease is 36m, 15k/yr, $1500 drive off, $205/month plus tax and financing. We went to the largest dealer in the area who had lower MSRPs, better dealer discounts, and gotten their red tags early which dropped our sale price about $2000 compared to our other offer. Good luck!

Would you mind supplying the entire deal information and the name of the dealership. I am also in the Bay Area trying to negotiate a lease on a volt.


Don’t first the Costco cash and competitive lease - if eligible!

Sorry, I can’t seem to find the quote sheet. We went to the Chevy dealership in Fremont, worked with Sunny. We had gone to Dublin the night before and got a very reasonable offer, but thought we could do better, so I called around. In the end, Fremont has so much more volume that they can offer better discounts. The MSRP was a couple hundred lower (34095 I believe), the dealership discount was better, and they had red tags for an extra $500 off.