MF Questions- Any Help is appreciated!


I have some queries which I wanted to clear regarding MF. I am a first time buyer with no Auto Loan History and also brand new to the Leasing aspect.

  1. I have tried a lot to get a quote from many dealers which includes the MF they are charging/offering but no-one seems to give a value to me for MF without having to go through a Credit Application. I am surprised how people negotiate to get the MF value which is being offered to them by the dealer and post their deals which they are being offered here on LH Forum. Do they also get it after doing a Credit application or is it something which we can come to know without doing a application?
  2. I understand that the dealers would be marking up the MF(When comparing it to the Base MF from Edmunds) but I know we can negotiate with them to lower the MF. Does the MF depend upon the Credit score and would it change for me after a credit application. If that’s the case then no-matter how much I try to negotiate with the dealer to lower the MF, would it not get changed/affected post my credit application?
  3. I believe the Bank/Financial Service basically offers the MF and then the dealer basically marks it up for their own profits. Is my assumption wrong?

I know these are probably very basic and silly questions to ask, but I would really appreciate if these are answered as it will help me to better understand the whole leasing aspect.

The bank sets buy rate mf. The bank may increase the mf for lower credit. The dealer then may mark it up further for their profit.

If you have no credit history, you’ll likely need to run your credit to see what, if any, mark up the bank is going to do.

You should be able to simply ask the dealer what mf they’re using. If they won’t tell you when you directly ask, move on.

Thanks for the quick response!
One more quick query, I do have a credit history and my score is 750+ on Experian/Fico.
I just don’t have a previous loan/auto loan/deep credit history. I am not sure if this would count as a lower credit because its not deep. Would it?

What car are you looking at?

It is a 2021 Mazda CX30 Premium AWD Trim

Why now? It’s the worst time to lease a car in the entire history of leasing cars.

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