MF for Mercedes Benz C450

Hi All,

This is my first post to the forum. Looking to lease a 2016 C450 , the dealer in Boston is quoting a MF of .00171 or 4.2% APR , the car has an 8% discount on the MSRP. Can someone help provide the MF applied when you had leased the car. The residual is 59% for 3yr/12K Miles.

Also does anyone know what the residual is for 2yr/12k Miles.


2016 C450 4MATIC

24/12K: 63% residual, .00129 MF

Looks like the MF has been marked up from the buy rate by a significant amount.

I also have been shopping around for a c450 lease. just got a quote today and was looking for advice/opinions on how I can get a better deal or how good this one is.

MSRP $ 62,490
Cap Cost $ 56,389
M.F. .00119 ( 2.85% apr)
residual of $36,505 ( 58%)
Inception Fees of $ 2,390

For a monthly payment of $711/ mnth.

Now I have put in these number on few different banking web site lease calculators and the number don’t add up to what I have been given. Am i missing something here or what?