MF and Residual on 2016 Kia Soul

Looking to lease one for my father who is retired. This is a dress rehearsal for my leasing adventure this summer.


Any particular trims?

Plus w/Eco Package

Truecar has it for $18,134 after $750 rebate.

2016 Kia Soul +

36/10K: 60% residual, .00127 MF

$750 Customer Cash is for purchases only. Instead, there’s $500 in Lease Cash. Targeted incentives include $400 Grad and $400 Military.

Probably not the cheapest $20K car to lease. But, then again, you gotta be happy with your ride!

I don’t know if he can get a money factor that low.

My father’s credit cards have high utilization, but he does have the Caddy that was paid off five years ago on his report, all the other positive car loans have fallen off. Mortgage is fine, so maybe he can get a MF that low.

We are trading in the Caddy which is worth $3,500; according to the numbers you provided and the numbers from Truecar readjusted for the lower rebate ($500) it comes out to $96 for 36 months, which isn’t bad at all.