Message count slider disappears

Sometimes when I try to use the blue message counter at the bottom right of the screen on my iPhone using Safari, the message counter disappears as soon as I touch it. Reloading the page makes it reappear. Known issue?

Are you using an ad blocker? Make sure it’s not blocking that element accidentally.

No ad blocker. Just safari on an iPhone

If you reach the end of the post, the slider stops “sliding” with you and re-integrates in with the page at the final post. Is that what you’re seeing perhaps?

No. Regardless of where in the thread I am, I go to touch the slider and it just disappears

When’s the last time you went into Settings and cleared the cache, history, etc.?

I’ve had this happen quite a few times as well. On Android. I just either go to bottom of the page or go to another page and come back. On short threads it’s not a problem,but on long threads that your starting from scratch it’s definitely a “c’mon” moment

I haven’t cleared cache on my iPhone. Ever.
Many c’mon moments yes.
If it happens on android too, and requires a clear cache, sounds like it’s a known issue, or should be.

1st world problems…