Mercedes Pull Forward and CPO


Does the pull forward program work with CPO’s financed through MBUSA?

Is there an official mercedes pull ahead offer? What are you even pulling ahead like @joeblogs said.

What? Pull ahead on a purchase? How does that work?

They take your car and say “Sir, you have no more lease payments”


I assumed that the op was in a lease, looking to purchase cpo rather than initiate a new lease and was hoping that the pull ahead would make the current lease go away.


That’s correct. I have a lease with 1-2 payments left. Not a big deal, but if the cpo would make the last couple payments go away I’d be even happier. Seems both a new lease or a finance would both be % to MB, so I thought it was a reasonable question. There isn’t a ton of real info out there on their pull ahead and I hoped the hackers here would know more.

So did you actually get an ‘official’ pull ahead offer from MB? What do the terms say?

I was negotiating for a lease and they mentioned it as a MB program. Under 3 months they waive it. I’ve also seen that they will waive for a new car (20 or 21). I was just wondering if it would work for a CPO.

If they wanted CPOs to be included, they’d include CPOs in the offer.

Clearly they don’t, because their whole objective is to move the metal that’s coming out of their factories.

They also don’t want to convert any lease customers (higher lifetime customer value) into CPO purchasers.

Typically if it’s an official pull ahead program you will receive notice from the manufacturer (usually email and/or letters in the mail).

Before I turned in my Audi last month I had 3-4 emails in the months prior from Audi Financial reminding me they would waive up to 3 payments if I leased/financed a new Audi, for example.

Not doubting what the dealer told you but I would definitely want more details before moving forward on any new MB, whether it be a CPO or new unit. Would not be the first time that a dealer claims they have a “pull ahead” when all they’re really doing is rolling your remaining payments into a new lease.

And typically pre-owned and CPO are not eligible for all the reasons max mentioned above, but again you would need to check the terms of the offer (if it really is an offer).