Mercedes pull ahead question

How is allowed mileage calculated when you do a 3 mo pull ahead with MB financial? Is it prorated based on where the mileage should be at that point of the lease? thanks,

Not prorated. You get to use all the mileage in your lease term.

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ohhhh so a 36 mo / 30k mi lease turns into a 33 mo/ 30k mi? Looks like my M3 is going to be sitting for a few months while I drive the GLE everywhere :slight_smile:

Doesn’t sound like a good plan as MB doesn’t always have pull-ahead.

I can add some clarity to this question. You can return the vehicle 33/30K miles as long as you lease another Mercedes Benz. I have been with Mercedes the past year and a half and they have always had pull-ahead. Although they might not have pull ahead for BRAND BRAND new models for the first one or two months but generally you would be safe.

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