Mercedes loaner deals with fleet [nj/pa/norcal]

Hi ~ What kind of brands are available in So. Cal? @@

I know I missed out on the Infiniti in PA but I’m also open to a C - Class near NJ. My lease expires this month, so i’m in need of a car. Think something below $400 is manageable? I have United, AICPA, and Fleet.


C class would work, however I think 330i would be a better deal. Have you looked at both?

I’m open to either one.

Looking for a lease deal on a 2018 C350e. Located in GA. Not particular about any of the options but the panoramic roof, heated seats, blindspot assist and smartphone integration are preferred. Please PM me.

That is not how this place works. If you don’t want to do the legwork yourself, you should reach out to one of our esteemed brokers here and work with them.


With fleet, loaner GLC 4matic in Norcal:

Another one with a little higher msrp and less miles:

With Fleet, loaner C300 in Norcal:

This one isn’t finalized yet, trying to get the base rate:

With Fleet, E300 P2 Loaner:

Please note DMV fees may be off, rest is correct


any 2018 loaner C300 in NJ or nearby states for these prices?

Please check your PM, thank you

Responded! 2020202020

Why do you recommend the 330i over the C class? Is that in general or because he’s in PA (meaning is that the case in norcal as well)?

are these all 2018’s or 2017’s? not sure if lease support for 2017’s is still there.

These all can be leased as they are 2018s some of the older ones if you scroll up were posted several months ago and cannot be leased today

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Have another one: 2018 CLA 250 FWD Norcal with fleet

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Hi! Thank you for posting these awesome deals!
May I know if and of fhem has the DISTRONIC package? (ACC)?

None of them have distronic

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Any c coupe or e sedan with sporkpkgs in VA area?

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This is JUST PA NJ and NORCAL, like the TITLE of the post says


thanks! so would I be able to pick up a car from nj/pa and drive it down?

Is there an upper limit on mileage for leasing MB loaners? i.e. after X amount of miles, they cant be leased?