Mercedes Lease Termination

I’m 16/36 months on my lease for my CLA 250 and I really want to upgrade to a c300 coupe. What is the earliest am I able to do so?

Pretty much whenever, but most of your options right now will be incredibly expensive. They do sometimes have pull ahead programs, but those are going to be in the 3-5 month range (I was recently told 3 months for my C43), so you’re looking at over a year.

If you want out sooner, your best bet is going to be to find someone to take over your lease, but how much that route will cost you sort of depends on how good your current lease terms are.

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Did you inquire about 5 months?

You’re nowhere near a pull-ahead. Search the archives about getting out of your lease:

  • swap
  • sell
  • trade/roll-in negative

In most likely order of cost to you.

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Thankfully someone wrote an article all about how to end your lease early


if you got a good deal try and swap it, put it on swapalease. You may have to offer an incentive but it will be far cheaper than trading the car into a dealer

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