Mercedes lease end return with scratch

But I bet a $10 resin kit fills it.


You should be at breakeven on the lease no?

Update: Sold the car to Autonation for 2.5K in equity! They offered the highest price out of all the online services. The whole process was smooth and easy and took about 2 hours. At first I got discouraged by the quotes I got from Carvana/Shift and didn’t bother to check others like AN/Carmax which was a mistake. Looks like there can be a big difference in what each of these services offer for a car.

Thanks to all the people on this thread for answering various questions and helping me out with this process :slight_smile:


Awesome. Guessing that they didn’t catch that nick in the windshield?

Carvana was $5.3k below my final sale price, Shift $5k, and Vroom $7.1k. Just not serious offers.

Equityhackr/TrueCar/CarMax were closer but still $3.1k below.

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Congrats! That’s a great outcome. One question regarding timing. Was it a matter of days from when you first reached out to dealers and online sites, to when you finally sold the car? I’m in a similar situation and trying to plan ahead as to how long I should expect things to take starting from when I contact dealers/online sites. Thanks.

If you show up to a dealer and they want your car, you can hand over the keys the same day. The idea is giving yourself enough time to shop the competing offers against each other.

Got my pre-inspection done 10 days before lease ends. After the inspection sold it within 2 days. Check from dealership to MB financial service reached on the last day of my lease. Not sure what would have happened if the check was late.
Would definitely recommend starting the process about a month out. It gives you more time to get the best offer.

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That sounds crazy fast, well done. I’m planning to give myself about 15 days, and I’ll also be going through the process one month before the lease end date (for various reasons). Targeting early February even though the lease ends in early March.

I’m in a similar situation but my inspection came out to be $2600 worth of damages. They got me for every little scratch. Did you not have to pay for your damages out of pocket before selling the car?

Selling the car is not the same thing as returning it…? So no need to fix the damage, depending on the kind of offers you’re getting to sell it.

Jan 2023 was a very different time for dealers bidding to take cars off consumers’ hands.

The scratch is not deep, you can get rid of it within 30min by polishing it by hand. 100% recovery.

After inspection it’s too late, you would need to produce receipts that you had it fixed.