Mercedes GLC 300 good deal or not

$46,945 MSRP
$39,731 sales price
$4554 cash to close (maryland taxes and fees)
52% residual
.00064 MF

$466 12k/36
$492 15k/36

Numbers do not add up at all with Leasehackr calculator

Too much money down. Should be 0 due at signing. In order to get all the numbers to match and correctly make a calculation you need to get a better breakdown of sale price, incentives used, money factor, residual and all things added into the payment. They Likely don’t want to give you this stuff because they are hiding stuff which is the reason the calculations aren’t matching

What else do I need to see if this is a good deal or not? I have a trade in, so the cash due at signing will be a wash.

MSRP: $45,950
Selling Price: $39,731
Monthly Payment: $466
Cash Due at Signing: $4543 (2383tax, 466 1st month pay, 1095 lease acquisition, 5 tire tax, 144 doc fee, 450 registration) maryland
MSD: $0
Incentives: Loyalty - 0

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
**MF: .00064
**Residual: 52%

What is the amount of your trade in…

You are giving them car that has a dollar amount attached to it… Its not a wash

I haven’t even begun to negotiate the trade! I have several offers (Carvana, Vroom, true car trade promise) Trade value $27500. Owe $23,300 on it.
I know the taxes are going to be lower with the trade.

Should I be paying for the $1095 acquisition fee?

Okay so the offer is without trade?

You should still get the offer with zero due at signing. Everything should be included in the payment in case the car is totaled. If that occurs you are completely out of that money

The tax should be included in the monthly payment on a lease not due at signing.

The acquisition sometimes the dealer will pay or waive.

There are zero incentives for this car? You should double check that because there could be some that the dealers are using to discount the car price and just claiming it’s the dealer discount. If that’s the case the dealer needs to discount the car on their end and not just take the incentives

OK. Yes and no on the trade. I may try to trade to them, or I may sell the vehicle to one of the cash offers. The only benefit to ‘fight it out’ with them is to get the benefit of less sales tax with the trade. Honestly, I am already over this! I need a broker!

I will check incentives. I appreciate your help!

A broker will save you a lot of headache! There is a lot of good ones on here to reach out to

How do I look for a broker on here? I just hate feeling like I am being taken advantage of.

Personally, I couldn’t sleep at night if I went home from work everyday saying, ‘wow, I took some poor suckers money big time today!’ Just was not raised that way. I guess that’s why I am not making the big bucks myself! Oh well!
Thanks again!

If Carvana etc are offering you that much CASH for your trade, I’d take it.

Dealers not going to match. What is it?

Good point. Dealers will never give as much as carvana or vroom

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'16 F-150 20,000 miles

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Oh and dealer knows you get a tax savings vs taking CASH deal so if you go to a dealer and say … this private is giving me this… they automatically go to that minus the 6-9% but that only works on purchase to purchase.

When dumping equity ( wow yeah equity lol) into a lease it’s different.

Must be a different sheriff in town. We got folks wandrin round wit equity? What’s this world coming too? Thought we had them all thoroughly secured in bouncy spaces with awful chuck e cheese pizza and nice SAFE walls with silent advocates everywhere to make sure nothing disturbed their “visions of sugar plums Hula dancing in their heads”

Free Colin & Mumia & Alyssa . Enough already. Free them !!

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I need help with the deal I just received.

I asked for 0 down.
This is what I got back:

GLC 300 AWD - Maryland
36/12k 52% .00064MF
MSRP $49,115
Sales Price $39,998
Residual amount $25,539.80
Total Working cash $552
Initial cap cost $39,998
Acquisition fee $795
Lic, Title, Reg, $320
Taxes $2417.82
Customer cash down $552.00
Adjusted cap cost $43,829.82
Base monthly rate $552.46

They will if they’re competitive or really want your vehicle.

Depends on where but mostly Benz dealer doesn’t want a F-150 unless it’s like one of the crazy Harley editions “maybe”.

All depends. If it’s one of these family conglomerations of brands, who knows?

But if the dealer “matches” you’re better off b/c of tax reasons with the dealer.