Mercedes fleet discount question

I can’t seem to get a straight answer from Mercedes. My father is a Chrysler retiree and my brother in law currently works for them does that qualify me for a fleet discount? I can’t find a list of companies and I’m getting conflicting answers as to whether or not relatives qualify regardless. Thanks.

I see a list of companies in the below link, and I don’t see Chrysler in that list

But I don’t know if relatives are eligible to receive corporate discount. Some fleet discounts are applicable if the applicant resides in the same address of the person who qualifies for fleet discount.

Thank you. I was speaking with some current Chrysler employees who said they still got them from the days of Daimler-Chrysler and some who said they stopped it when they became FCA. I’m thinking it might be part of the compensation that was grandfathered in for a couple of them.

They called it the CAP program the last time we used it a few years ago on my father’s Mercedes. Not sure what they call it now. A large dealer should share that info with you.

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