Mercedes EQB pricing, builds etc!

@leasecompanion @Clutch @AutoLeaseNinjas @aronchi @HN308 what can you guys do for discount on msrp :joy:

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66kwh battery pack and peak dc fast charging of only 110kw for $55.5k…hard pass.

As with any Benz the options add up quick, $60k+ easy.

Not exactly a Model Y competitor with these stats:

“The Mercedes EQB will be available with a pair of powertrain options, one with 225 horsepower and one with 288 HP.”

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if it’s anything like the EQS, prepare to be disappointed. that thing is an absolute turd. ask me how i know.

Mercedes is really not doing well on the EV front…

I wonder how sales will look for there EV lines. My local dealer has been sitting on a few EQS’s for about 2 months now.

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I sense frontier/4xe/bolt hackrs are circling the waters after reading the lackluster specs this compliance expedition EV from MB is.


Well they look like overpriced jelly beans.

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