Mercedes EQ deals

I’ve bought and sold a car to @oarfish18 and the experience was exceptional. I’ll say yes she gets busy and is sometimes hard to reach. But that’s because she’s hustling and taking care of the clients in front of her.

Sorry you had a bad experience. Misunderstanding I’m sure. But trust me it wasn’t an intentional bait and switch. Just an honest mistake. Glad you were able to find a vehicle you liked regardless. Enjoy your new car.

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I second this. I worked with @oarfish18 before and the service was exceptional. I did briefly consider the EQ and reached out to her and I realized she was busy, but despite that, the communication was always clear, frank and no BS.
I have nothing but mad respect for her


Worked with her. Traded car, leased one. Got better numbers than originally sent - I guess they are a little fluid. Overall glad we have a dealer in the area who is LH friendly. She is a bit inconsistent with her response speed :grinning:

I’ll also chime in… leased my first ever Mercedes with oarfish. She’s easily the sharpest internet sales person I’ve ever encountered. She’s probably working 6+ deals at the same time all day. She’s a walking lease calculator and isn’t afraid of LH-aggressive lease targets since she knows what is on the table and what isn’t. So you’ll know in a matter of minutes if a deal can be done.

She’s most no-frills sale I’ve personally experienced or witnessed (I used to work corporate auto in sales finance).

I think one problem is the dealership she’s at has like 300 in stock new cars and 100 cpo. So it’s too easy to get down a rabbit hole of what-if options. Some buyer can easily say “what is the DAS and monthly on this car” then suddenly pivot to “what about the deal on this other car”.

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I have not bought the car from @oarfish18 but so far my interaction with her has been good.

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Yeah, i haven’t bought car from @oarfish18 either (couple of cars she posted got taken before me… it sucked that it happened 5 minutes into posting) but i did like her directness. She didn’t beat around the bush.

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The other issue is that while they have a lot of stock, the website is hopelessly out of date, so people are looking at cars that are already gone.

Seconded about working with oarfish. We all say we want dealers to work with leasehackers openly and honestly without BS, well that is what she does. She openly posts prices better than most brokers on this site. We appreciate you!

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thank you so much for all of your kind words and support on this forum. Truly have been so grateful for it.

I have a few updates, EQB’s are updated and more aggressive.

EQB250 36 MONTHS - 7500 MILES
MSRP 56810
2k drive off - 453 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 403 plus tax
MSRP 57560
2k drive off - 463 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 413 plus tax
MSRP 59650
2k drive off - 490 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 438 plus tax

EQB300 36 MONTHS - 7500 MILES
MSRP 59985
2k drive off - 449 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 397 plus tax
MSRP 61370
2k drive off - 466 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 412 plus tax
MSRP 63220
2k drive off - 489 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 433 plus tax
MSRP 67600 - drivers assist / third row
2k drive off - 543 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 482 plus tax
MSRP 69535 - drivers assist / third row
2k drive off - 566 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 503 plus tax

MSRP 88810
2k drive off - 776 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 694 plus tax
MSRP 95155
2k drive off - 852 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 764 plus tax

MSRP 90900
2k drive off - 782 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 697 plus tax

MSRP 129865
3k drive off - 1094 plus tax
3k drive off - max msd - 975 plus tax
MSRP 131420
3k drive off - 1100 plus tax
3k drive off - max msd - 981 plus tax

MSRP 127620
3k drive off - 1040 plus tax
3k drive off - max msd - 923 plus tax
MSRP 133700
3k drive off - 1107 plus tax
3k drive off - max msd - 984 plus tax

MSRP 108860
2k drive off - 1072 plus tax
2k drive off max msd - 971 plus tax

MSRP 160940
3k drive off - 1479 plus tax
3k drive off - max msd - 1329 plus tax

2023 EQE350 SUV - 36 MONTHS - 7500 MILES
80400 MSRP
2k drive off - 660 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 586 plus tax
84540 MSRP
2k drive off - 710 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 631 plus tax
90070 MSRP
2k drive off - 775 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 691 plus tax
95400 MSRP
2k drive off - 839 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 749 plus tax

2022 SL63 - 36 MONTHS - 7500 MILES
stop sale is open parts will arrive some time this week
3k drive off - 1882 plus tax
3K drive off - max msd - 1683 plus tax
stop sale is open parts will arrive some time this week
3k drive off - 1814 plus tax
3k drive off - max msd - 1621 plus tax


EQB300 is at a pretty good price, even lower than EQB250. I wish I could wait ~2 months back in July.

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Guess who oarfish18 :upside_down_face:

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Oarfish is the real deal. I leased an EQS 450 from her and got an amazing deal. She is a busy bee and sometimes you have to be patient.
It was scary to do a deal via text. But once I arrived in person all the numbers remained the same. and I closed that day.
She’s the only call I’ll make for my next Mercedes.

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I met oarfish today, and she’s every bit as awesome as she seems. I had ordered an EQE SUV from my local dealer back in January, and when it finally arrived last Tuesday they quoted me some… eyebrow-raising rates. On Wednesday I found this forum, on Thursday I texted Oarfish about three cars I was interested in, she returned quotes the same day. I should have done the test-drive on Fri/Sat but life got in the way.

Instead today (Tuesday) I test-drove my favourite EQS580 of the three and brought it home a couple of hours later, leaving them my W213 as a trade-in, and all for significantly lower monthlies and upfront than my local clowns were asking for a car with msrp 2/3rds of this one! Everything was super smooth. Thanks, Oarfish!

But y’all, try to be prepared when you work with busy folks. I had pulled down the nationwide inventory of EQS580s, filtered it down to the 80 cars that had the options I wanted before I contacted anyone, and it made it really easy to see who had the cars I was interested in. If more dealers had a presence on here I might have shopped around more :stuck_out_tongue: But instead my first text to oarfish on Thursday included the VIN of the car I wound up bringing home today, and her second text back to me on that same Thursday contained the exact price that I paid today. It felt good!


Do you have any Amg Eqe Suvs?


Oarfish made my entry into an electric car and lease process the best experience possible! She communicated clearly through text and had no surprises with pricing and the process the entire time. Without hesitation I would recommend her for anyone that’s in the market.

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Leasing a car is often a big decision in one’s life, and my experience with Chau at Mercedes-Benz was nothing short of exceptional. It was back in June of 2019 when I first walked into the dealership, and Chau, who was relatively new to Leasehackr at the time, became my point of contact. I must say, this review is long overdue, but it’s important to share the outstanding service I received.

From the very beginning, Chau stood out as a beacon of professionalism and honesty in a world where car dealerships are often associated with tricks and hidden fees. What truly set her apart was her straightforward approach. She didn’t beat around the bush or engage in any unnecessary sales tactics. She told me exactly what she could offer, and that’s precisely what I got when I arrived at the dealership. No games, no surprises—just a transparent and straightforward transaction.

At the time, I was a 20-year-old, fresh-faced and eager to lease my very first car. Needless to say, I was nervous about the process. However, Chau’s expertise and guidance made it a seamless and reassuring experience. She patiently walked me through every step, ensuring that I understood the terms and conditions of the lease, as well as the intricacies of the vehicle I was about to acquire.

Chau’s dedication to her customers is truly commendable. She not only secured me an excellent deal but also provided me with peace of mind during a pivotal moment in my life. It’s often said that the first car you lease is a milestone, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this journey.

So, I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Chau for being amazing at what she does. Her commitment to transparency, her friendly demeanor, and her ability to navigate the complex world of car leasing with ease make her a true asset to Mercedes-Benz and a trusted partner for anyone looking to lease a car. Chau, you made my first car leasing experience memorable for all the right reasons, and I’m forever grateful for your guidance and professionalism. Here’s to you, Chau, and to the outstanding service you provide to your customers. Thank you!

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Damn I didn’t even finish the query yet and chatgpt killed the response.

(I’m sure these are real experiences but couldn’t help it; the writing style is blurring lines for me)


What is the additional monthly on the 500 and 580 (sedan if it matters) for 10K, and 12K?

yay thanks, waiting for the paperwork to close the deals

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final update on EQB
cut off for out of the area contracting will be today for us
requires fleet, text only 5102068216

EQB300 - 36 months - 7500 miles
MSRP 59220
2k drive off - 414 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 362 plus tax
MSRP 61195
2k drive off - 437 plus tax
2k drive off - max msd - 384 plus tax
MSRP 62695
2k drive off - 455 plus tax
2k drive off max msd - 400 plus tax
MSRP 63745
2k drive off - 467 plus tax
2k drive off max msd - 411 plus tax
MSRP 66745
2k drive off - 502 plus tax
2k drive off max msd - 443 plus tax


Recently got my eqs from oarfish, overall experience was great!

Got the exact features that I wanted, and the entire transaction was super smooth. Got it shipped to socal too.


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