Mercedes Direct Pay MF Discount - still available?

Has anyone recently leased with MB and used the direct pay discount? Is it still available? I’ve heard MB may have suspended this option. Thanks in advance!

I cannot say for sure but I’m leaning on it’s still a possibility. First, it is of no consequence to the stealership whether you do MSDs or not. The purpose of MSDs is to ‘buy down’ your interest rate (MF) of the lease. Therefore, it’s an arrangement between you and the bank (MBFS).

I tried to do 10 MSDs on my most recent lease and the finance guy was perplexed on why I would put down so much cash, He claimed he’s ‘never done this before’ and that he’d ‘have to call MBFS for approval’. There are posts I’ve seen on this forum where individuals are still doing MSDs with MB. I’d recommend calling MBFS and speaking to a rep about MSDs and verify if it’s possible for stealerships to deny offering MSDs on leases.

Please let us know the answer when you find out. Good luck!.

As of a month ago, it was available for me, reduced the MF by .00010.

That’s quite common for lenders. Give you a small break on interest in exchange for direct pay. My credit union takes 0.25% off the interest rate for all loans, when signing up for direct pay.

That’s interesting. The dealer I ultimately used to get my e300 had no issues taking 10 MSDs. Even let me pay for it via credit card so I could get the cash back. On the other hand I had a dealer tell me he didn’t know what MSD was. It’s weird how dealers can have such varying degrees of knowledge/acceptance on the subject.

Of course they can deny. They sell you their car and can structure the deal any way they want as long as MBFS accepts it. By your logic dealers wouldn’t be allowed to pad MF above MBFS buy rate.

It’s “their” car, but subject to MBFS T&Cs. Can a dealer arbitrarily say no MSDs? I’d be surprised if they can.

They can and many do.

If dealers are opting to not offer MSDs, one has to ask the question ‘WHY?’ I’m now starting to wonder if the flat commission on buy rate deals are nullified by using MSDs???

That’s an interesting question; anyone know the answer? Does putting down MSDs cut down on the profitability of the deal? I understand why a dealer might markup a MF, but not why they’d refuse MSDs.

Many just don’t know and/or are too lazy to figure something new out.